" This is the best young band I've seen in a long time"

This is the best young band I've seen in a long time. They're not only already great musicians, but they already know what it takes to be a great band. Playing together with space, three guitars and keys and no one stepped on the other. This is very rare even with seasoned musicians. The quality of the original songs was hard to believe and they played a full set only covering one song. The guys closed the set with the Allman Borthers Band "Whipping Post", and killed it. I'll go see these guys every chance I get. Check them out if you get a chance, you'll be glad you did.


Travis Locklear August 20,2017

"This group stands far above the crowd ; they're worth seeing even if you're not a Southern Rock fan"


Heard this band at a fund raiser tonight at the Rockmart Auditorium, and was absolutely floored. If you want to feel like you time traveled back 40 years to see the Allman Brothers in their prime, GO SEE THIS BAND. Very talented musicians/ singers, incredible performance. Folks, I'm the guy who quietly says there has been a 30 year glut of too many Southern Rock bands, most of them are boring knock-offs regurgitating covers that should have been dropped from the set list decades ago, etc. But THESE guys... write original music, and (I'm going to get beat up for this, but...) I like their songs better than some of the original Allman's stuff. Yes, better. They JAM the house and are just FUN to watch and listen to. If there were an Allman 2.0 reboot, these guys are it. YET... they are not unoriginal clones ripping covers. They manage to pay homage to their influences while doing something FRESH and ORIGINAL that is worth every penny of the ticket price (too cheap at $10 tonight). Any one of the three members who shared singing duties are exceptional enough to front their own band. Any one of these six young musicians have the secret sauce to front their own band. When that kind of talent magic hits one band, it's called a super-band. I don't go on about bands like this or post reviews, but this group stands far above the crowd, and they're worth seeing even if you're not a Southern Rock fan. If you are... the spirit of Gregg Allman lives right here. Can I get a witness?

 -Syd Locklear August 20,2017